We are here to serve you, our community of Tsidi To’ii (Birdsprings), Navajo Nation


“With energy and enthusiasm we commit to serve our community and citizens in a changing world.  We strive to provide public service that is most effective and efficient in the delivery of services.  Through the partnership with the citizens of our community, we are committed to protecting the Diné cultural values held by our community while responding to the challenges and opportunities of our future and way of life.”

About Tsidi To’ii Chapter

Tsidi To’ii Chapter was established officially on December 05, 1955. Tsidi To’ii (Birdsprings) is part of District 5 and is situated in the southwestern portion of the Navajo Nation. The Chapter land base is divided by the Little Colorado River that flows generally in a northwesterly direction. Ives Mesa overlooks the multi-color landscape covered with spars vegetation. The west is the majestic San Francisco Peaks (a Navajo sacred mountain).
Tsidi To’ii (Birdsprings) Chapter conducts monthly meetings to keep residents informed; residents have a forum to express their opinions to their Navajo Nation Council Delegate or to decide on matters concerning their chapter.
Tsidi To’ii (Birdsprings) Chapter derived its name from a spring over which birds flew, that was witnessed by one of the original Navajo clans looking for a place to settle. Other Navajos came to the area for better grazing for their large herds.


Navajo Nation President |  Dr. Buu Nygren

Navajo Nation Vice-President |  Richelle Montoya

Council Delegate |  Casey Allen Johnson

Chapter President |  Vernice Wagner

Chapter Vice-President |  Geneva Sangster

Chapter Secretary/Treasurer |  Mitzi Begay

Chapter Grazing Official |  Steven Wagoner



Chapter Manager: Dolly Wagoner

Chapter Administrative Assistant: Jeannie James

Office Assistant:  DaRaina Jackson

Custodian:  Harry Wagoner

Water Truck Driver:  Edison Mitchell

Grader Operator:  Carlos Paddock

CLUPC Members

Harry Wagoner, President

Jeanette Yazzie, Vice President

DaRaina Jackson, Secretary

Todd Wilcox, Member

Jerry Sangster, Member


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